The Jim Bridger Urban Conservation Area is a Prime Birding Habitat

Woman with camera looking up at trees.

Not far from City Place at Westport is a destination that takes visitors across glades, old fields, and a small stream. We’re talking about the Jim Bridger Urban Conservation Area, and it draws thousands of birdwatchers every year.

In fact, here are a few species that may be spotted during your visit.

Red-eyed Vireo

Red-eyed vireos are large chunky birds featuring an angular head, thick neck, and a strong bill. They have olive green feathers on top of their bodies, and white ones below, and the adults have red eyes that appear dark from a distance.

These creatures typically forage in deciduous canopies where they are hard to spot among the green leaves. For easier identification, listen for the loud, catbird like “myaah” calls they use toward interlopers and potential predators. 

Indigo Bunting

With their bright blue feathers, male indigo buntings are easy to identify, while females are harder to recognize as they feature brown feathers with faint streaking on the breast. These birds tend to favor woody and brushy areas and are often seen foraging among seed-laden shrubs and grasses.

Males are chatty and can sing as many as 200 songs an hour at dawn! 

Yellow-breasted Chat

True to their name, yellow-breasted chats have yellow undersides along with olive-green feathers on top and bold face markings. They live in thickets and bramble bushes which can make them hard to see.

Both males and females make a “chuck” call during the winter months, and throughout the years, males also have a repertoire of songs that include gurgles, whistles, and cackles.

The Jim Bridger Urban Conservation Area is part of the Great Missouri Birding Trail which strives to introduce new and experienced birders to the more than 320 species that visit Missouri every year. The state is the nation’s crossroads for birds and birders, and the trail is divided into six regions. 

Bird watching is just one of the activities residents of our apartment community can enjoy. Please contact us to arrange a tour where you can see our amenities and floor plans firsthand.

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