Have Fun With Laser Tag In Kansas City, Missouri

Getting ready for a game of laser tag in Kansas City, Missouri.

Have you ever tried laser tag? Many equate laser tag to paintball and enjoy it as part of a role playing game. Others just appreciate laser tag for its challenging, physically demanding nature. Whatever you decide, consider adding this innovative game to your social calendar. You’ll be glad you did! Here’s the word on the street: Residents of City Place at Westport who want to enjoy a game of laser tag usually head to Jaegerz Laser Tag. It’s definitely one of the best places to enjoy laser tag in Kansas City, Missouri.

What is Laser Tag?

Game enthusiasts tout this popular game all across the globe. Game participants use “phasers” or laser guns to hit members of the opposing team. More specifically, laser tag is a non-contact sport that’s played in an arena. Players lob no projectiles; in fact, each phaser uses only infrared beams. Many variations of the game are played, such as “Protect the VIP,” where your team protects a VIP from the attacking team. Some adults particularly enjoy a fully immersive version of this game, complete with battlefield props and military style game plans.

Playing at Jaegerz Laser Tag In Kansas City, Missouri

A wall of trees adds to the ambiance of this popular facility. The 6,000 square foot arena comes with the requisite strobe lights, simulated fog, and ramps.

Walk-in players need not make reservations, but they are recommended. Reservations are required, however, if you intend to lease the arena for a birthday party or private event.

In any case, try out a game for $7. Purchase more games only after you become familiar with the arena’s layout. If you prefer to go all in, $15 will net you 3 games from Fridays through Sundays. You can also get 4 games for $15 from Mondays through Thursdays. Visitors can opt for the “Harvesters Discount,” if they choose the $15 package plan. The discount entitles participants to $2 off a $15 ticket for bringing in two cans of food for the Harvesters program. It’s an undeniably attractive option for frugal players!

As can be seen, there’s certainly plenty to do here in Kansas City. Residents of City Place at Westport will tell you that our community is a vibrant place. For more information about joining in the fun, contact us. You’ll love the pleasant surroundings and top-notch amenities at our apartment community.

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