Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at BAMBU Dessert Shop


After eating a hearty dinner, what you need is a delicious dessert to complete your night. If you’re looking for something different than the everyday ice cream and cake, we recommend taking a quick drive to BAMBU on Rainbow Boulevard.

BAMBU is a dessert shop specializing in sweet Vietnamese treats. Its first store was opened in Southern California about ten years ago by four sisters, and today it is a franchise with dozens of locations around the country. Both Vietnamese cuisine fans and first-timers can find something to enjoy here. So why not stop by BAMBU and see what they have to offer?

Crepes and Waffles

These European classics are beloved everywhere–perhaps because aside from being eaten for breakfast, crepes and waffles can be consumed after a meal at dinner as well.

Here at BAMBU, you can enjoy crepes with different topping options such as Nutella, fruits, and almond butter.

However, if you’re in the mood for waffles, we recommend trying their pandan and taro flavor. It’s a unique Asian twist to this longtime favorite dish.


If you’re not familiar, che is a type of Vietnamese dessert. One can think of it as a sweet pudding that Vietnamese people commonly eat after a meal to cleanse their palate.

At BAMBU, there are a variety of che flavors to choose from including avocado, red bean, longan, and coconut. They also usually come with either jellies or fruits.

Fruity Drinks

BAMBU also offers juice and smoothies for those who would just like a simple drink. You can opt for classic flavors like strawberry, mango and passion fruit, or try something new like pennywort (a plant typically eaten with food or blended into a drink in Vietnam). 

This is simply one example of the many different eateries our residents at City Place at Westport can enjoy. If you would like to learn about living in our community, please contact us to speak with a friendly leasing agent.

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