The Best Places for Tea in Kansas City

places for tea in Kansas City

Looking for a place to take a tea break in our neck of the woods? Our neighborhood is home to several spots where you can go, relax with friends, and enjoy a cup of tea. In fact, it’s the perfect way to recharge!

So here are a few hotspots for tea in Kansas City:

A Cozy Community

Tea Drops is the place to be when you want to relax in a peaceful environment. At Tea Drops, you can choose from a variety of loose leaf teas, from green and black tea to herbal tisanes. Your drink will be served in teaware handmade by local artisans.

Pair your tea with a treat like a cupcake, cookie or muffin.

From China to Kansas City

At Shang Tea Co., they pride themselves on developing their teas and blends from only the finest tea leaves grown in the Fujian Mountains of China.

Not only do they sell teas and offer tastings and tea parties in their shop, they also offer those who are beginners to tea an education in tea history and culture. Learn about each blend and how the tea leaves are harvested, cultivated, and developed into the blend you’re sipping!

A Cup of Culture

If you’re looking for a little local flavor and culture to go with your tea, Downbeat Coffee and Tea is your place! This eclectic and cozy shop highlights the work of local artists and photographers as well as live music featuring DJs, bands, and singer/songwriters.

Pick up a quick snack like a cookie, muffin, or granola bar while you enjoy your cup. Downbeat also offers coffee so your java loving friends will be happy to join you!

These are just a few of the places for tea in Kansas City located near our neighborhood. Plan a visit where you can enjoy your cup of tea along with a treat and great company! Would you like to learn more about the place we call home? Please contact us today!

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