Enjoy the Best Fried Chicken in Kansas City

Fried chicken in Kansas City served with collared greens and biscuits

Kansas City has some amazing fried chicken, but did you know that Europeans began frying chickens during the Middle Ages? Scottish immigrants brought this cooking tradition to America at the end of the 18th century. It became popular in the South, and today, chefs across the country prepare fried chicken to perfection. Some of the best […]

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Enjoy Coffee and Yerba Mate at Cafe Corazon

Young woman in a sweater holding a Yerba Mate gourd with a bombilla straw

Less than a mile away from City Place at Westport is a new coffee shop called Cafe Corazon. The cafe chooses their teas and coffee from the finest local ingredients, blended with the flavors of Latin America through fair-trade coffee grown right here in Kansas City. The cafe has also chosen to share the finest […]

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Check Out Cosentino’s Market for All Your Grocery Needs

Woman shopping for fresh produce in a local market similar to Cosentino's

Are you looking for a grocery store that offers the finest, freshest products and is also locally owned? Then head to Cosentino’s Market. Established by the Cosentino family in 1948, this market comes from humble beginnings. It has grown to become the most popular grocer in town, where shoppers can find competitive prices as well […]

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