Kansas City Public Library Offers Digital Services

Woman Viewing Content From Kansas City Public Library

Libraries may not be as popular as they once were, but don’t write them off just yet. These often-overlooked jewels have quietly evolved to include extensive digital services at no cost to their community members. The Kansas City Public Library is no different, bringing endless materials for reading, watching, listening, and learning to residents of […]

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Six YouTube Channels That Provide Free Home Workouts

YouTube provides an endless source of entertainment, but did you know it also provides you access to a variety of free at-home workouts? Well, there are a number of great fitness channels on YouTube! Check out these six channels that every City Place at Westport resident can do from the comfort of their living room. […]

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Big Names Coming to the Sprint Center

Closeup rear view of large group of people at a live music venue similar to The Sprint Center in Kansas City. The image is blurred and therefore people are unrecognizable. Some people are taping the show with their smartphones. Green toned.

The Sprint Center is such a cool place to experience a popular concert. The stage is large and you can still see the whole show perfectly from the seats on each side of the stage.  There are some very big names coming to town after the holiday season and tickets go on sale soon. The […]

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