Enjoy Coffee and Yerba Mate at Cafe Corazon

Young woman in a sweater holding a Yerba Mate gourd with a bombilla straw

Less than a mile away from City Place at Westport is a new coffee shop called Cafe Corazon. The cafe chooses their teas and coffee from the finest local ingredients, blended with the flavors of Latin America through fair-trade coffee grown right here in Kansas City.

The cafe has also chosen to share the finest Yerba Mate teas and specialty drinks from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil. Yerba Mate has been used for centuries in many cultures around the world. And now you can try it yourself at Cafe Corazon, along with a variety of coffee and tea.

What Is Yerba Mate? 

Yerba Mate is a caffeine-enriched tea grown and used all over the world. The Yerba Mate served in the cafe is from Latin American strains said to contain just as much caffeine as coffee, while giving you the same health benefits as tea. Any way you drink Yerba Mate, it tastes great. This tea has been used for centuries as a source of physical and mental energy and for medicinal and social reasons.

Yerba Mate is traditionally consumed out of a gourd, called a mate, with a special straw, called a bombilla. A bombilla has a strainer in the end to keep you from ingesting the stems and leaves of the tea. 

Cafe Corazon

The cafe serves coffee from all over Latin America and is one of the only places introducing Yerba Mate to the Midwest. Cafe Corazon is a comfortable spot to socialize, work, or just relax. There are different selections of pastries and tamales every day, so the menu consistently changes and evolves. 

Cafe Corazon is also a proud member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City. They are also very involved in the Kansas City community. They get their products from Hugo Tea, The Kansas City Baking Company, and Panaderia de las Americas, just for example. All of their partners and suppliers come from the Kansas City, Missouri area.

City Place at Westport is within walking distance of many unique restaurants, cafes, and shops.  Contact us soon to schedule a tour. You can also check out our floorplans online anytime.

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