DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Home Office

When faced with working from your apartment in Kansas City, MO it is easy enough to toss an unused desk or folding table in the spare bedroom and make do. However, adding some style to your home office can make you feel better about your workspace. 

Add Decor

Liz Fenwick’s YouTube channel boasts a supply of easy DIY tutorials for redecorating using dollar store items. Her ideas help you create fashionable decorations that will look good in any apartment. You can learn how to make wall decor, shelving, and decorative pillows with her Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Decor 2020 video.

Add Plants

Make your office feel luxurious by adding plants with a homemade planter modeled after Creative Home & Garden’s stone planter. Learn how to make this stylish planter by gluing rocks together in a bowl shape. This easy project brings nature indoors and helps create a relaxing environment.

Make a Dry Erase Board

If you have an old picture frame lying around, put it to use in your office as a dry erase board. Paint the frame to match the room and find a piece of paper to put inside the frame behind the glass. Coupled with some dry erase markers, you will have a place to write your to-do lists.  

Create Pencil Holders

Instead of throwing away old soup cans, consider washing them and giving them a new life. There are many ways to decorate old cans, including painting them or gluing on twine, burlap, twigs, popsicle sticks, and more. Get creative and introduce this small storage alternative to your office.  

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With extra time on hand, seize the opportunity to make your office space unique by incorporating do it yourself projects. These are examples of fun projects you can do from our apartments. If you are looking for apartments in Kansas City, MO, contact us today. 

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