Enjoy Craft Cocktails At The Monarch

a cocktail with an apple garnish

Creating the perfect cocktail is an art, and the bartenders at The Monarch have mastered that art. This enticing new cocktail bar and lounge is offering some of the best drinks in Kansas City. It’s simply a must-visit if you are a drink connoisseur or want to pamper your palate.

The Monarch Bar has a truly upscale atmosphere, from the white upholstered seating to the warm lounge by the fireplace. Watching the bartenders work is a part of the experience. They shake, stir, and muddle with such precision.

The drink menu at Monarch changes with the seasons. A delicious choice in the chilly fall is the Wanderlust Julep, made with applewood-smoked Grand Marnier and Cinazo 1757. Guests also love The Monarch Negroni, which pairs bitter and sweet flavors for a true Kansas City appeal. They offer a printed list of all of their liquors and spirits so you can make an informed selection.

Monarch does serve some limited snacks and small plates to complement their cocktails. Try an order of the lobster summer rolls or BBQ eggplant cups to really wake up your taste buds. If you’re craving something sweet, they have a delicious berry medley with honey and cream, and the boozy ice cream sandwich is a classic choice, too!

Monarch Bar & Cocktail Lounge is located at 911 W. 48th Place. Stop by and pamper yourself one evening; it’s the perfect place for a special date. Contact us to learn more about our apartment community located near this and other great restaurants in Kansas City.

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