Enjoy Fresh Pasta and a Panini at Cupini’s

Pasta at Cupinis in Kansas City

When people think of Kansas City food, they are most likely to think of the city’s rich history with barbeque. However, residents of City Place at Westport quickly realize that the city has great locations for all types of cuisines, including Italian. One place we really like is the Italian restaurant Cupini’s in Kansas City.

About Cupini’s

Cupini’s was opened by father and son in 2008. The restaurant enjoyed great success almost immediately and was able to expand within the first year of opening. Kansas City locals are very familiar with Cupini’s and the restaurants’ cozy and inviting atmosphere. Inside, guests are greeted with a display case packed full with delicious bakery items such as red velvet cake, and Italian staples tiramisu and cannolis. Beyond the display case, there are numerous wooden tables for guests to eat at, and a large banquet room that can hold up to 50 people.

The Menu

Cupini’s offers typical Italian food such as meatballs, pasta, chicken parmigiana, and paninis. The menu is vast, and almost any Italian dish you can think of is available for order. Popular dishes include linguini clams and fettuccine porcini. See the full menu here.

Cupini’s Unique Offerings

There are several things that make Cupin’s so special. One, the restaurant offers cooking classes on a regular basis. Each class teaches and presents a four-course meal with recipe cards and wine handed out to students throughout the night. They also take holidays very seriously. When special days such as Valentine’s Day comes around, Cupini’s crafts a special menu just for the occasion. On Thanksgiving, the restaurant offers an entire Thanksgiving meal with reheating instructions to take home and skip all the cooking yourself!

Cupini’s in Kansas City is a special place in the heart of Westport and is a must-try for tourists and locals alike. After a satisfying dinner at Cupini’s, cap the night off with¬†ice cream from one of these great locations. Interested in becoming a resident of City Place at Westport? Contact us today!

***We understand now is not the best time to leave your home. However, we want to continue to highlight businesses in the area as something to look forward to. At this time, you can support local establishments by purchasing gift cards to be used later or enjoy takeout/delivery from local eateries.***

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