The Best Spot to Enjoy Wine Near City Place at Westport

Calling all City Place at Westport’s wine lovers, have we got a tannin soaked tidbit for you! There is a place no more than 10 minutes away that offers some of the best drinks and short rib bourguignon in Kansas City. Plus, they feature weekly wine tastings too! It’s located a grape’s roll away in the Crown Center Area and all the locals call it “The Drop.”

However, it’s officially known as the Drop Bar and Bistro. They serve lunch and dinner to all seven days a week. The two-hour wine tastings are traditionally held mid-week with a standing, 7 p.m. kickoff. And if you can’t make it in on a Wednesday to whet your appetite for excellent wine, don’t stress. They run additional specials that may suffice, including bottle and bruschetta service on Thursdays.

Their wine list is predominately filled with classic whites and reds. However, they do traditionally have a smattering of champagnes and sparkling wines to choose from on occasion. We’d suggest asking which ones may be available when making advance reservations for a sit-down meal or tasting event. Oh and by the way, because the wine tasting events are held so close to the apartments, reservations should be made ASAP. Once word gets out to all of the residents, we’re sure the place will be packed with wine lovers every week.

And if you find that you love their food but prefer your own wine, there’s another option. The bistro staff offers City Place at Westport’s gastronomes a chance to have their apartment parties catered too. For example, you could order platters overflowing with artisan cheeses. Plus, they have other intriguing platters that may be served inside your Kansas City apartment with wine. Among them are those with smoked salmon, shrimp, pesto chicken, beef tenderloin, vegetables, and antipasto.

To learn more about City Place at Westport’s best, local picks for wine lovers and gastronomes alike, please contact us today.

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