Check Out These Hidden Gem Museums in Kansas City

Downtown Kansas City skyline at night hidden gem museums

There are plenty of museums to visit in Kansas City. Big museums with big reputations and collections to match. But there are smaller places with big ideas that are just as deserving of a visit. Here are our favorite hidden gem museums in Kansas City:

Arabic Steamboat Museum

You’d never guess what this is from the name. The Arabic was a boat loaded with 200 tons of cargo that sunk in the Missouri River in 1856. he museum showcases what was salvaged. Everything from French perfume to Wedgewood china perfectly preserved and, in some cases, packaged with nary a hint of being underwater. In fact, it’s a real window into times gone by and well worth a visit.

The Money Museum

There’s a display of 500 coins from the Harry S. Truman Coin Collection along with lots of interactive exhibits. You’ll learn exactly how much a gold bullion weighs by actually lifting one in a very clever way. You’ll also learn experts can spot a counterfeit bill. In addition, you’ll get to view where all that moola is actually stored,  though from a very safe, non-touchable distance.

The Museum of Illusions

Want to see your own head served up on a platter? Or watch yourself reflected into infinity? This hidden gem museum is filled with illusions that are both educational and frustratingly mysterious. It’s not huge, but it is fascinating.

Find More Hidden Gem Museums

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