Pick Up a Sweet Treat at These Kansas City Chocolate Shops

Kansas City chocolate shops. Chocolate truffles in a case at a chocolate shop.

Did you know that chocolate is the world’s most popular sweet treat? More than three million tons of cocoa beans are consumed globally every year. If you would like to enjoy a chocolate treat, visit one of these shops. You can delight your sweet tooth near our apartments in Kansas City.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 

First, step inside the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and see the chocolatiers hard at work. Watch them skewer apples in bubbling caramel and make fudge before your eyes. The store offers a unique mix of traditional and contemporary candies. Or, instead of apples and fudge, try the signature treat called the bear. It is a tasty paw-sized concoction with roasted nuts, chewy caramel, and chocolate. However, you can also try something from the line of sugar-free treats.

Chip’s Chocolate Factory 

Next, Chip’s Chocolate Factory is celebrating 35 years as Kansas City’s sweetest destination. The chocolatiers still use the original marble tables and copper kettles. They are best known for their fudge. Come in to see them handcraft over 30 types of fudge. Also, these creations are famous worldwide! The shop gained recognition from the Food Network show Kid in a Candy Store. Fudge flavors include chocolate walnut, European dark, and triple chocolate M&M. 

Christopher Elbow Chocolates 

Next, try Christopher Elbow Chocolates. After opening several successful restaurants, Christopher decided to become a chocolatier. Now, you can get handmade chocolates at his store. He blends modern culinary artistry with global flavors. The result is delicious and unique candies. In addition, his signature bonbons are a customer favorite. You can try fleur de sel caramel, lemon, and dark chocolate. 

Finally, before your sweet treat, consider dinner at one of the premier restaurants near our Kansas City apartments. To become a resident of our community, please contact us. We would love for you to see City Place at Westport firsthand. 

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