Enjoy an Exhilarating Ride During Spinning Class

Spinning Class

Are you looking to start a workout that’s both fun and exhilarating? Then consider taking cycling classes. They’re a great way to burn calories while at the same time increasing your flexibility and cardio endurance. Here are a few local studios where you can join a spinning class!

Mojo Cycling

Mojo Cycling boasts that it’s a community of people that know how to get fit. It’s where you’ll laugh a little and sweat a lot, and the classes are designed to challenge everyone from new riders to experienced athletes.

The instructors stay current on the latest fitness trends and cycling techniques, and students set the resistance on their bikes to control how hard they ride.

Fusion Fitness

At Fusion Fitness, the goal is to make your workout fun, results-driven, and the best hour of your day. Founded by Kansas City fitness guru Darby Bender, it was the area’s first boutique indoor cycling studio.

The classes focus on muscle toning and high-intensity cardio to produce the best results both physically and mentally. They welcome all skill levels, and choices include Rush Hour, The Upside, and Fly with Your Guy. 


The instructors at Cyclebar ensure every ride is an unparalleled multi-sensory journey. Indeed, the studio was established by a brother and sister duo who wanted to create a fun, accessible space for riders of all ages and fitness levels.

All of the classes are set to upbeat music and feature energy-enhancing video graphics. In fact, the Classic 45 session is the primary ride, and it’s nearly an hour of pure intoxication.

Find a Spinning Class Near You

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