Check Out the View From Percheron Rooftop Bar

Group of friends laughing and enjoying drinks at a rooftop bar

Have you ever wished you could look down over Kansas City and see it from a new perspective? At Percheron Rooftop Bar, you can do exactly that. This rooftop bar has a relaxed, adventurous vibe, and it is just a short drive from our apartments in Kansas City.

About Percheron Rooftop Bar

Percheron Rooftop Bar is located on the roof of Crossroads Hotel. The bar space offers plenty of couches, standing tables, and even bar seating so you can chill with friends and enjoy a nice conversation. Look out over the skyline and soak in all the buildings that create our stunning Kansas City skyline, including the Power and Light Building and the Bartle Hall Pylons. The space can get pretty busy on weekend nights but is a bit quieter on a weeknight. The rooftop bar is also the perfect spot for a special date night!

The bar’s unique name comes from the fact that the building used to be owned by Pabst Brewing Company and the Percheron horse is one of their symbols.

The Drinks

Percheron Rooftop Bar offers a full bar and the knowledgeable bartenders prepare your drink to order. They make a delicious raspberry daiquiri, served with an extra thick straw, so you’ll never be parched. The Simple Fix is another house cocktail, made with Skyy vodka, Aperol, and Ramazotti with hints of raspberry and lemon. 

The Food

Percheron Rooftop Bar offers a short menu of munchable snacks. Try the Parmesan lavash, a delicious flatbread topped with rich cheese. The Drunken Eggs are another great choice for sharing. Alternately, try the trio of spreads. You’ll get a Calabrian chile cheese spread, a smoked trout spread, and a white bean spread.

Visit this unique rooftop bar at 2101 Central St. in Kansas City. They’re open Tuesday – Sunday. If you’re looking for a new home nearby, contact us to learn more about City Place at Westport. 

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