Learn Yoga from Home with These Kansas City Yoga Studios

yoga studios in Kansas City

There has never been a better time than now to take up the practice of yoga. Yoga is beneficial both physically and mentally and helps strengthen your muscles and your mind. These Kansas City yoga studios, all close to our Kansas City apartments, offer online classes to make embarking on your yoga journey easier than ever. 

Yoga Patch

Yoga Patch was founded in 2009. Since opening its doors, it has been dedicated to helping its students progress in their adventure with yoga on a spiritual and physical level. Yoga Patch has classes for people of all skill levels and all levels of fitness. The studio works diligently to create a space that is warm, welcoming, and conducive to fostering a sense of wellness. They offer classes seven days a week, as well as seminars, teacher training, and infrared sauna treatments. Yoga Patch also offers online classes so your journey with yoga may take place in the comfort of your home. 

KC Yoga Kula

KC Yoga Kula is a one-of-a-kind yoga studio dedicated to creating a community that encourages and guides their students along their path with yoga. They have a variety of teachers, types of classes, workshops, and teacher training opportunities. KC Yoga Kula creates a space that is a sanctuary for their students, a place that they may find peace, fitness, joy, and a community of friends.  In addition, KC Yoga Kula offers online classes so that you can find just the right class for you at just the right time for you.

Westport Yoga

Westport Yoga is devoted to teaching yoga in a traditional and pure manner. They teach yoga and yoga philosophy in a way that helps their students to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. Westport Yoga educates their students on the principles of yoga, helping them to truly understand yoga and move forward and experience yoga on another level. In so doing, they create a learning environment that is supportive and peaceful, fostering calm in the body and mind.  Westport Yoga offers classes online so that you may partake in a class whenever and wherever works best for you.

Learning to practice yoga can be life-changing.  After class from one of these Kansas City yoga studios, keep moving by taking a scenic hike.

Our apartments in Kansas City are the perfect place to start your yoga journey. For more information about our community, contact us today.

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